martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

The Soul and the Sword (official video)

The Soul and the Sword - Whiteveil
Cámara: Luis M. Vázquez (
Edición y montaje: SSHAKE TV (


Some stories touch anyone's soul
Sharp stories that cut like a sword.
When a sword is bound to a love
the soul and the sword become one.

If a man doesn't care about dying
If a woman deserves his life
No one besides fate may split them
And so they will fight against death.

Nobody could know what was coming
The cruel darkness that loomed over them
It was hot, an eerie heat
As if it was a prelude to hell

Nevertheless in that inn's bedroom
Love was all they cared about
They made the most of their last caresses
Cause she knew that the end was almost there


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Julio Acuña dijo...

Excelente video muy elaborado, te muestra de una manera mística, sin duda tienes un encanto natural que sumado a la pasión con la que haces las cosas enamoras a quien te escucha, es un verdadero honor escuchar tu música y ver como transmites emociones tan sublimes, de forma normal sin duda es un deleite escucharte.

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